Field Updates

On day two of our mission we were able to see how our Gifts in Kind program really makes a difference in the Walking Free Program especially for the patients treated by our trainees. First, we were able to see the inventory of donated prosthetic components ...
Physicians for Peace (PFP) originally began its work at Hospital Nacional de Niños Benjamin Bloom (Hospital Bloom), in El Salvador in 2007.  Dr.
Carlos Luis Jiménez Pena (center left) and Jose Casado (center right) of the Asociación Dominicana Rehabilitación in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic began the University Don Bosco distance learning program for Prosthetic and Orthotic (P&O) certification...
I traveled with International Medical Educators to the Dominican Republic to watch our mission of capacity building at work. It was amazing to see our team come together in a mix of language and ideas to set the pace for gait training. 
After a typical El Salvadorian breakfast, Sarah and I hit the ground running! We attended the burn unit doctor rounds at 7AM with two physiotherapists. The burn unit team was excited to see therapy staff at rounds and we identified the need for six splints.
Today we went to Mwandama to see the village and the clinics first hand. First, we visited the new clinic in the Milenium Village.  They treat all types of diseases, and also have 4 beds in the labor and delivery area. The lack of equipment and supplies was startling...
Last night, President and CEO, Ron Sconyers and Laurie Harrison appeared live on WCTV (channel 48) to share with Hampton Roads the global health needs addressed by Physicians for Peace and how you can support the work while having fun at our  annual gala on October 27th. Watch and share. 
One of the greatest problems in Colombia is the lack of preventive burn campaigns. In the United States, children are taught at an early age the dangers of fire and electrical burns.
Dr. Santiso presented two lectures today: "Integral Management of the Burn Pediatric Patient", and "Morbidity and Mortality of Pediatric Patients with Acute and Critical Burns".
PHYSICIANS FOR PEACE Burn Care Volunteers and Total Wine & More are teaming up for a Wine/Beer Tasting Event.     
Dr. Lourdes Santiso, Plastic Surgeon from Guatemala and I arrived yesterday to Bogotá, ready to be part of the VII International Burn Care Congress hosted by Fundación del Quemado.   On our first day, we were welcomed by Dr. Linda Guerrero, President of Fundación del Quemado.  Along with some of the other lecturers participating in the Burn Care Congress, we had the opportunity to visit the Simon Bolivar Hospital where we met Dr. Patricia Gutierrez - Burn Unit Director - and her team of health professionals.
Yousef, a 13 year old boy from Palestine, was severely burned on both his hands and legs by fire.  In Palestine, he received surgery for his burns and was then admitted to the burn unit at Rafedia Hospital where medical burn care protocols...
From the Field: Manila, Philippines Written by: Korinne Chiu, PFP Staff 
Dr. Nabil Gayed has settled into his new surroundings in Blantyre, Malawi and has wasted no time getting to work with the Surgical Intern Training Program (SITP) at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.  Dr. Gayed is very excited to partake in the SITP...
From the Field: Ramallah, West Bank Written by: Dr. Anas Note: A few weeks have already passed since our team of Michael, Jonathan and Dr. Mustafa were so warmly welcomed by the  Ayman, Mohannad and the other therapists at Rafidia Hospital. Michael and Jonathan were very impressed with the enthusiasm, the questions and the skills of the therapists during the workshop. With continued practice and patient/family support, they can truly change the outcomes and functionality of many of the burn patients at the Rafidia Hospital burn center. 
From the field: Blantyre, Malawi Written by: Innes Boland, Physicians for Peace Staff
From the Field: Port au Prince, Haiti Written by: Kelly Andrews, Art Therapist
Produced by: Trey Schott, Jill Church and Dr. Waters From the Field: Guayaquil, Ecuador   Note: Physicians for Peace international medical educators, led by Dr. Jonathan Partington, a neurosurgeon from Virginia Beach, Va., sent a team to Ecuador to elevate skills and care at Luis Vernaza Hospital in Guayaquil. Here is their story in video
From the Field: West Bank Written by: Mary Kwasniewski, Staff