Field Updates

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“When you’ve got someone who is caring alongside you, then the environment is no longer the focal point.”
Thirteen months ago, Natalia Ponce de León was disfigured when a stalker threw acid in her face. She is receiving care from doctors and nurses trained by Physicians for Peace. 
Approximately 1,500 acid attacks are recorded globally each year. The crime is quickly becoming more common in Colombia, where we are training local professionals in caring for the victims.
My take away from this trip is a commitment to maximize each interaction with my patients.
I always had the idea that after retirement I would share my experiences with the next generation of surgeons. Working in Malawi with Physicians for Peace, I did not have to wait until retirement.
Physicians for Peace and our Latin American field partners from Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama and the Dominican Republic gathered together for an international burn conference to share expertise, challenges and best practices in providing patient care. The training included a mix of patient rounds, workshops on serial casting and hand splints and a lecture by a plastic surgeon on lessons learned in the treatment of chemical burns and acid attacks, as well the use of the skin bank in Bogotá, Colombia.
Watch our interview with International Medical Educator Diana Behling and learn how her training in Malawi saved the lives of newborns.
Physicians for Peace outfitted Simon, Simon, a street vendor who lost his leg after being struck by a car.
Through a partnership with Doulas Dominicanas, our Resource Mothers are now equipped to better assist their clients. In the public hospitals of the Dominican Republic, unless they have a Doula, women are alone during their labor. Resource Mothers will now provide physical, emotional and informational support during and after labor; and provide communications with family members waiting anxiously outside the busy labor and delivery unit.
During my pre-teen years, my parents and I have frequented to Hagonoy, Bulacan that it was like a second home to me. Every trip there is an adventure by itself as you would have to travel an hour or two by car to get to San Agustin where you would then ride a boat to get to the middle of the sea.
June 2014 - A team of International Medical Educators recently completed a surgical training mission in the Dominican Republic, addressing identified health gaps facing Dominican urologists and their patients.
For more than a year, Dr. Daniel Aronson has lived thousands of miles away from his family, working as an International Medical Educator at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH).  
Cynthia Hester recently went on her fifth Physicians for Peace mission. We talked with her a few days after her return from Bogotá, Colombia, where she trained local health professionals.
Met this spirited 11 year old boy today. Those of you with little ones can only imagine trying to keep the balance of encouraging curisousity while maintaining boundaries for safety because they have a keen talent of getting themselves into danger.
We’re all familiar with that phrase. But how about “she wears many gloves.” As is the story with countless others before and legions since, Ginna Parra left her home in Columbia at twenty-two with her little brother Juan in search of a better life. The promise of an education and the opportunity to send money back home lead her to Costa Rica
Several weeks ago Sawyer discovered the simple, yet magical joy of blowing bubbles. It’s become an obsession of his. And frankly, of mine. He wakes up some mornings and the first thing he says is, “hey bubble!” The night before I was likely toiling in the kitchen like a mad scientist attempting to concoct the perfect mixture of dish soap, water and corn syrup. Not too thick. Not too runny. We spend hour upon hour chasing bubbles in the backyard these days.
The Major Gifts Officer is responsible for identifying, researching, cultivating, making proposals and closing gifts with constituents capable of donating gifts in excess of $10,000. The Major Gifts Officer will be responsible for setting, executing and implementing a strategic fundraising plan.  
In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, the Philippines General Hospital-Physicians for Peace Walking Free clinic found a way to help those without clean water...
Training this week was amazing! Our nurses and the pediatric ICU nurses at Hospital Cheick Zaid here in Rabat have been inseparable. We had a great lecture on Wednesday evening which ended in a demonstration of how to swaddle babies who are receiving mechanical support.