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Audited Financial Statement
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Against the backdrop of difficult economic times, Physicians for Peace continues to thrive and meet the needs of those who struggle in poverty and whose access to even the most basic health care is sparse or nonexistent. While it has not been without its challenges, we have stayed the course, focusing on our mission, the extraordinary volunteers who give life to our mission, and the countless tens of thousands of people whose lives have been touched by the work we do. 

In 2007, we launched the Charles E. Horton Humanitarian Award for Global Health, with Professor Jeff Sachs, noted world leader in poverty reduction. In 2008, that award went to Senator Bill Frist, a cardiologist who has devoted both his public and private life to improving health care for children in the developing world. 

Also in 2008, we explored a great deal of new territory both geographically and programmatically. India, Liberia, Libya, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mali, Senegal, Malawi, and others are now part of our portfolio, approaching 60 countries served. Our Walking Free and Seeing Clearly programs have expanded significantly as have our child and maternal health initiatives. We are particularly enthused that our Central American Pediatric Burn Consortium, founded by Physicians for Peace in 2006, has prospered to the point that today, it is an independent organization governed by its own membership. 

Our emphasis on collaborative partnerships has continued to demonstrate their value. For example, our Partnership for Eritrea, created by Physicians for Peace, The George Washington University, and the Eritrean Minister of Health, has been joined by Columbia University and Yale University to bring post graduate medical education to a nation determined to bring its health care system into the 21st century with the help of Physicians for Peace.