IRS Form 990
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Audited Financial Statement
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There is a great deal of good  news to report for 2009—our 20th Anniversary year. Even against the backdrop of a deteriorating economy, your Physicians for Peace accomplished more in 2009 than in any previous year.

Two seminal events in 2009 demonstrated Physicians for Peace’s ability to coalesce and educate. Back in 2006, Physicians for Peace, seeing a need to bring together all NGOs in Central America working on pediatric burns, founded a burn consortium of 12 NGOs. After hosting the first two Burn Congresses in Norfolk, VA, and Santiago, Dominican Republic, the third congress, held in May in San Jose, Costa Rica, was entirely planned and orchestrated by the members of the consortium. They have now elected their own governing body and are a fully functioning, independent organization, with only modest oversight from Physicians for Peace. 

And perhaps our most enterprising “new” venture was our Global Health Forum. Piloted in 2007 with great success, it was evident that Physicians for Peace could—and should—bring certain education value to the community in which it resides. In May, we hosted our 2009 Annual Global Health Forum on the campus of Norfolk State University. Featuring internationally acclaimed humanitarian, Dr. Paul Farmer, the Forum focused on Haiti as a case study for cooperative engagement between humanitarian and development organizations.