Audited Financial Statement
PDF icon 2011-audited-financial-statements.pdf

Each year, we publish our annual report to detail the financial health of our organization. The report represents our commitment to transparency and efficiency – it’s a targeted effort to show our supporters and friends how we’ve put your investments to action!

In 2011, the global population reached 7 billion – a dramatic figure, especially when you consider how much of this explosive growth occurred in developing countries, where medical resources are in short supply and the disease burden is disproportionately high. As I’ve seen through my own service to Physicians for Peace, extreme poverty destroys lives. Millions of children around the world today are born into unbearably hard living conditions and millions of promising young students– people who could grow to become the medical pioneers of their generation – are wasting their time and talent without the training and resources they need to complete or continue their studies. 

Our model – and in this year’s annual report, you’ll find evidence of our life-saving work, directly from the field. These successful training efforts have a backstory: the planning, collaboration and analysis that goes into every Physicians for Peace outreach effort. In 2011, volunteer leaders and staff worked together to review this process, to lay the groundwork so that we can find out what we’re doing well, where we can improve and how we can refine our work to better meet the needs of the world’s changing population. This review is an important, ongoing process, and I look forward to keeping you up updated on our findings. From the professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to our in-country colleagues and the many donors who fuel our work, each project we undertake is a web of connections…people coming together to change lives.