Annual Report
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Audited Financial Statement
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We are entering our 25th year of training, teaching and improving the quality of health care around the globe. As we move ever forward in our work, we are grateful for this moment of reflection. Looking back at our most recent year, we’re reminded of the importance we place on asking tough questions of both ourselves and our partners. Working to create a world where no one struggles with illness, disability or death due to the lack of quality local healthcare is a serious undertaking – and cannot be successful except through consistent and dedicated evaluation. By continuing to focus on the founding principals of Physicians for Peace – train, support and empower – we efficiently and effectively improve local healthcare professionals’ clinical skills and extend the positive impact of improved care beyond initial sites to neighboring hospitals, universities and countries.

This year, you empowered us to expand our outreach efforts in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. We are excited to share some of those stories with you in this year’s Annual Report.