The second day of the mission was another success! The day began over delicious local coffee with the local team. The supplies needed for the face-mask workshop were gathered by members of both the Physicians for Peace and the Rafidi hospital teams; we had the opportunity to meet some very generous local hospital employees who helped us locate some difficult-to-find supplies. 

The workshop began with a description of the face-mask fabrication procedure and discussion on the process was generated by the both teams. Physicians for Peace’s senior director of global health programs, Mary Kwasniewski, was the model patient chosen for the fabrication demonstration. Jon (one of our occupational therapists and volunteer educators) and I explained the fabrication of a face mask every step of the way and answered questions as we were fabricating a negative/positive mold using Mary's face.Classical music played during the “procedure” to put Mary at ease.

Afterward, the local team split into two groups and worked together under the supervision of Jon and myself to produce three negative/positive molds. We had the opportunity to examine and treat two local children who sustained extensive flame burns to their face and hands.

The entire team discussed their cases and came up with treatment plans to care for their 5-month-old scars.  We fabricated a chin cup orthosis for the little boy and worked on face and intra- oral massage.  The team worked on hand stretching techniques for the little girl's hands and performed a coban hand flexion stretching intervention.

The day concluded with discussions on scar management and face-mask fabrication. In the evening, we visited Samaria and we were taken to a historic site (Mount Gerezim) to see Roman ruins and a gorgeous sunset.  We met local dignitaries in Samaria and tasted some Arak (licorice drink).  After some delicious dinner, we retreated for the evening looking forward to tomorrow's adventures.