We envision a world where no one struggles with illness, disability or death due to the lack of quality local surgical care.

The purpose of Physicians for Peace is to educate and empower local providers of surgical care to alleviate suffering and transform lives in under-resourced communities around the world.

The attainment of health is a basic need that transcends race, religion, politics and geography. 

We believe that:

Education leads to empowerment.

  • We provide people with the tools to help themselves and their communities.
  • We embrace the capacity-building effect of education. Rather than healing just one person at a time, we teach others so they in turn. can heal many.

Collaboration makes our work possible. 

  • Through long-standing, deep partnerships, Physicians for Peace mobilizes teams that respond to identified needs with expertise and flexibility.
  • We partner with like-minded organizations to increase efficiency and promote lasting and meaningful solutions.

Respect anchors all of our relationships.

  • We coordinate with our partners to ensure that programs and resources align with needs.
  • In every interaction, we promote consideration and dignity, valuing diverse traditions, cultures and backgrounds.

Ethical behavior is at the center of our programs and operations.

  • Volunteers, partners and donors have the right to know how we invest and build upon their generous gifts of time and money.
  • We understand the need for transparent operations and endeavor to provide timely updates on our programs and financial health through clear communications.