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Physicians for Peace - Philippines is an affiliate of Physicians for Peace and has become a self-sustaining organization. The field office mobilizes a corps of local medical volunteers year-round to train others and to help amputees walk again, give sight to the nearly blind and heal the emotional and physical scars of burn victims.

Burn Care

In the Philippines, burns pose a health threat – particularly to women and children. In fact, the World Health Organization reports that 2 billion people worldwide still use open fires for cooking, light, and warmth, and more children die from burn injuries caused by fires than of tuberculosis or malaria each year.
The issue is compounded, with devastating results, by a lack of trained healthcare professionals and properly equipped treatment facilities. Because burn injuries require specialized treatment, Physicians for Peace collaborated with partners to establish its first burn clinic at the Philippines General Hospital to advance the skill set of burn care professionals so that they can provide sustainable care to burn survivors. By training burn care health teams, we can ensure they have the education and resources they need to heal more people.  


Seeing Clearly

Physicians for Peace-Philippines deploys teams to remote regions, where patients have limited access to healthcare providers and resources like prescription glasses.  

Working with local teams in multiple provinces of the Philippines, we restore the eyesight of patients like four-year-old Ava Grace, who needed surgery to correct congenital cataracts, is part of our ongoing efforts year round. 

Physicians for Peace founded Seeing Clearly in 2006 to address the overwhelming need for vision care in underserved areas where more than half a million people are blind and many more are visually impaired. As a Physicians for Peace flagship program, it embraces an international global health initiative aligned with World Health Organization's Vision 2020 to eradicate treatable blindness throughout the province of Surigao del Sur by the year 2020. 

Surgical Care

Four yr. old Nadia was caught in a crossfire and found severely burned and maimed. The nimble and responsive Physicians for Peace-Philippines volunteer team provided the required surgeries to keep her alive. In the aftermath of her multiple surgeries, her recovery and rehabilitation activities were guided by the Physicians for Peace team of vision and amputee care specialists. After weeks of care at our partner site at Philippines General Hospital (PGH), Nadia was able to go home with her dignity and spirit in tact.

For more than two decades Physicians for Peace has been working alongside local surgical teams, providing much-needed training programs and educational tracks that ultimately lead to the best result of all: healthier patients. The Physicians for Peace approach empowers local hospitals and clinics to serve patients year-round with confidence. Every case becomes a teaching case.” Since 1989, the Physicians for Peace Specialized Surgery program has evolved dramatically – and it continues to be adapted to better suit the needs of partner sites in the Philippines.

Walking Free

For the first 21 years of her life, Lhea Medrano, 24, was full of insecurity and dependent on other people. She could not even go to the mall alone for fear that she would fall down and embarrass herself in public. Born with severed right leg, Lhea grew up walking with the use of a crutch and felt incomplete – physically, emotionally and mentally. But in 2005, Lhea’s life drastically changed. She began walking like any normal individual, as she became a recipient of an artificial leg from the Physicians for Peace -Philippines amputee care doctors. 
Our Physicians for Peace-Philippines Walking Free program has grown since then. Starting with direct individual care, the Walking Free program today addresses orthotic and prosthetic resources for those who can not afford it, opening a full O&P clinic at Philippines General Hospital to get their prosthesis and rehabilitation, and an internationally recognized O&P school. The team continues to provide the indigent population better access to prosthesis use by coordinating year round medical missions where amputee screening and prosthesis services are organized and conducted on site.

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